Technical contents

Multiphysics model for tire performance optimization

One of the biggest challenges facing development engineers and testing technicians in the automotive field is the need to obtain reliable tire data, in order to understand their physical behavior.

VESevo: An Innovative Device For Non-Destructive Viscoelasticity Characterization

The evaluation of the viscoelastic properties is a key topic for the analysis of the dynamic mechanical behaviour of polymers.

Multiphysical analysis

A multiphysical approach to tire dynamics is vital to understanding the array of interconnected physical phenomena and their effects on tire structural characteristics.

Evaluating CV tire wear

The automotive tire sector is changing, from a closed environment to an extremely open one where the
importance of sharing expertise is a key aspect to consolidating (and in some cases, improving) position in the market.

Tools of the trade

A modular software package offers a suite of real time, robust physical tire models and procedures, helping vehicle and tire manufacturers to achieve more reliable performance analysis.

Tire/road interaction models

Analysis of the results provided by a grip and thermodynamics-sensitive tire/roadinteraction force characterization procedure.