We believe that a successful future is based on research. A pragmatic research, no more trapped in an ivory tower, but able to interact with a rapidly changing reality, accepting the challenges that the progress poropses. We work to build competence, excellence and reliability.


MegaRide, the island from which the ancient city of NeaPolis arose, the starting point. MegaRide, a smart approach to vehicle and transportation development, a new starting point for our land’s growth.

The activities of the Vehicle Dynamics UniNa research group led in the last decade to the realization of software products, testing procedures and development tools able to satisfy the needs of research partners from several areas of expertise in motorsport. In 2015 the described activities received an important feedback from the scientific community and the automotive market. Pushed by such achievements, the foundation of MegaRide University spin-off project was planned with the aim to provide a direct link with the users of the developed tools, by means of which operating with gaze focused on the future of research in mobility field. The company headquarter was set in the Mechanics building of the Department of Industrial Engineering, where the UniNa Tyre Lab is located, in order optimize the information transfer and the logistics operations between the two institutions. A second office was then opened in Campania New Steel incubator.

Today MegaRide works with vehicle and tire manufacturers, as well as with several motorsport teams, ranging from F1 to Formula E, from MotoGP to DTM, with increasing presence in single-seater and GT categories.


October 2020 RIDEsuite release

MegaRide team engineered a set of simulation tools, merged in the “RIDEsuite”, capable of simplifying the multi-objective identification process, leading to shorter development schedules, even with the full implementation of multiple and interconnected dependencies. RIDEsuite comprises four physical submodels, able to simulate in detail the physical effects characterizing a vehicle interacting with the external environment.

September 2020 Winner of Italian Master Startup Award 2020

MegaRide is proclaimed winner of the 2020 edition of the Italian Master Startup Award, an event born in 2007, which rewards the national winners of the StartCup and of the PNI (National Prize of Innovation), paying particular attention to the solidity that the projects show in terms of revenues and technologies, 4/5 years after their start.

December 2019 1 million turnover 12 people in the Team

The growth of team and turnover are two key indicators for the development of a business project. In less than 4 years, with no debt or equity given so far, MegaRide succeeds in the goal of investing in a new generation of racing professionals, and the 2019 year turnover reaches 1 million €.

May 2019 MegaRide awarded by Vehicle Dynamics International for “Development Tool of the Year” with RIDEsuite simulation pack

May 2019, MegaRide technologies for real-time physical simulation win the title of «Development Tool of the Year» in the field of vehicle dynamics. For the first time, this recognition is assigned by the international magazine to a startup and to a reality coming from the context of Italian scientific research. The jury recognized the ability to meet the demands of car and tire manufacturers, vehicle dynamics experts and track engineers, thanks to innovative algorithms and models for the physical simulation of the interaction between vehicle and external environment.

December 2018 New office in Campania New Steel Incubator

After being selected, as the first ranked, for the acceleration and incubation program «New Steel», MegaRide establishes in December 2018 a second operating center, located at the academic incubator certified “Campania NewSteel”. There, a growing team can operate in a stimulating startup environment, where our “4-wheeled lab” is available for daily testing and onboard technologies development.

September 2018 First release of thermoRIDE and adheRIDE on real-time driving simulator

MegaRide’s approach to driving simulations aims to guarantee the requirements of hard real-time environments with exactly the same models used in offline applications. thermoRIDE and adheRIDE were seladoptedected in some of the most advanced driving simulators in the world, for their attitude to enhance the realism in drivers’ perception and the reliability of tire data concerning handling and multiphysics in limit conditions.

May 2018 EU fund for SmartRide projects

Thanks to European fund, related to the POR Campania FESR, in May 2018 SmartRide project was born. It consists in the development of innovative algorithms to be implemented on car ECU with the aim to estimate in real time the most important physical parameters related to mobility. The final goal is to improve road safety through an optimized usage of active control systems and exchanging information between vehicles, in order to provide a real time map of the road conditions based on real-time adherence evaluations.

February 2018 MegaRide awarded as Tire Technology of the year for thermoRIDE and adheRIDE software at Hannover TIRE EXPO

February 2018, MegaRide is declared the best international supplier of technology and innovation for tyre development in 2017. It happened in Hannover, at Tire Technology International 2018, one of the most important events in the automotive industry worldwide, with the presentation of two complementary tools that constituted the winning technology, the thermal model thermoRIDE and the grip model adheRIDE.

July 2017 Official registration and first release of thermoRIDE

In July 2017, the first official version of the thermoRIDE model is released. It is designed to predict, in real time, the temperature of the various tire layers, basing on telemetry data processing. The physical model is able to provide energetic fluxes and local temperature distribution, with particular reference to the deep layers usually not reached by the measuring instruments.

June 2017
June 2017 Exclusive partnership with Audi in Formula E and DTM

In June 2017, the exclusive partnership with Audi Sport in Formula E and DTM began, whose aim was the development of specific tools to predict and simulate tire behaviour, with a strong emphasis on real-time computation, for driving simulators and optimization tools.

February 2017 Exclusive partnership with Ducati Corse in MotoGp

In February 2017 the signing of an agreement until the end of the 2018 season with the Ducati Corse MotoGP Team was announced; the partnership involved the development of software, dedicated to the simulation of the tyre behavior, and of the overall bikeperformance, offering the team a valuable tool to define as quickly as possible the best setup for the optimal race strategy to adopt during the stages of the MotoGP Championship.

October 2016 Winning pitch at Start Cup Competition

The first business plan competition to which Megaride took part, in 2016, at the dawn of the constitution, was Start Cup Campania, held in the context of the innovation event «Futuro Remoto». The affirmation within the local competition confirmed to being creating a solid path, and brought the possibility of participating to the “International Innovation Prize” where the special award ‘Shark Bites’ was received.

July 2016 Constitution of MegaRide

MegaRide – applied vehicle research, was born in June 2016, as an academic spin-off of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University Federico II, to provide market value to research products of the Vehicle Dynamics Group. The startup works as a software house and a testing center, setting as a reference point in the development of advanced models for real-time simulations in vehicle dynamics.