MegaRide project is tightly linked to the activities carried out by the Vehicle Dynamics research group of the Department of Industrial Engineering (DII) of University of Naples Federico II, whose expertise is oriented to the development of models and procedures to be employed by vehicle manufacturers, tire developers, dynamicists and race engineers.

MegaRide’s core is made of people working in a synergic environment involving both academic and industrial realities. The team diverse experiences and careers have been characterized by deep cooperation with high-profile companies and research centres. From simulation to durability assessment, from software to lab testing, to the research team was recognized innovation in creating tools that help vehicle dynamicists and race engineers in their daily analysis and modelling activities.
MegaRide was born as a natural outcome project, thought to confer the proper value to the products of the scientific activities and to reinforce the market potential of applied vehicle researches.

Flavio Farroni

Dr. Flavio Farroni is Applied Mechanics assistant professor at University of Naples, CEO of MegaRide, and works as academic consultant in vehicle dynamics for several companies and racing teams. His work focuses on the development of interaction models accounting for friction and thermodynamics phenomena in the field of contact mechanics, for the optimization of dry and wet grip performances and the consolidation of smart mobility scenarios. He has been awarded during TTexpo 2015 as “Young Scientist of the Year”, by MIT Technology Review as one of the 10 Italian Innovators Under 35 in 2018.

Aleksandr Sakhnevych

Dr. Aleksandr Sakhnevych is Vehicle Dynamics researcher and Applied Mechanics assistant professor at the University of Naples Federico II and CTO of MegaRide applied vehicle research. The research activities are closely related to the understanding and modelling of the tire-road interaction with the specific aim to bridge the gap between the indoor/outdoor vehicle/tire testing and the reproduction of the system under study within the real-time simulation environment. The development of physical-based innovative real-time models represents a foundation stone for the evolution of the onboard control systems to be employed within the autonomous driving field.

Francesco Timpone

Prof. Francesco Timpone is Associate Professor of Vehicle Dynamics at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II and is chairman and co-founder of “MegaRide”. He has a PhD in Thermo-Mechanical Systems Engineering in 2004 at University of Naples Federico II discussing a thesis developed in collaboration with Elasis S.C.p.A. (FCA Group): “Ottimizzazione dell’impianto frenante e delle strategie di controllo del nodo freni dell’autoveicolo mediante simulazione SIL (Software in the Loop)”. His main research fields are Vehicle Dynamics and Controls, Tyre-Road Interaction, Mechanical Transmissions, Tribology, Lubrication.

Damiano Capra

Dr. Damiano Capra, CXO of MegaRide, has a PhD in Vehicle Dynamics from the Polytechnic of Turin during which he spent 8 months at the University of California, Berkeley. After the PhD he moved to General Motors Powertrain Europe and then to Ferrari Formula 1 team. He started in Vehicle Dynamic group and then moved to the TyreScience Group where he spent the first part of his career in modelling and simulator activities and the second part on track testing and racing.