It’s a three-dimensional real-time tire multicontact model, conceived with the aim to overcome the typical issues linked to single contact tire models.

Such solution provides, thanks to the physical modelling of the effects involved in the contact between the tire and the environmental texture, the continuous local contact height and the orientation of the tire contact patch normal vector. They are used to enhance the feelings and realism of the driving experience, and to properly evaluate the kinematics at the tire/road interface, taking into account of all the phenomena connected to the multiphysical tire state, as tread and inner temperature, internal inflation pressure and the wheel alignment configuration.

threedeeRIDE aims to extend the range of tire dynamics validity of the usual single-contact-point models in the frequency domain, both within the lower frequencies concerning the tire interaction with the large obstacles (as kerbs, bumps, pot holes, …) and the higher frequencies regarding the power spectral density of the road surface texture, enabling no more just handling analysis and simulations, but ride too. Moreover, the model provides the normal vector to the plane representing the 3D orientation of the tire footprint, along which the tire-road interaction loads are transferred to the vehicle suspension system, allowing a proper design and structural sizing.

The model is able to interact with any kind of road mesh, coming from ride scenarios, high-definition track 3D scans and driving simulations, calculating the trajectory of the wheel hub when the tire overcomes an obstacle on its path, or runs on the macro and micro texture of road asphalt.

threedeeRIDE generates its output taking into account the variations induced in the contact patch shape and in the tire carcass deflection due to vertical load, inflation pressure, inclination angle and speed. Such variables are taken as an input by the model, that is physically parameterized by previous analysis on the footprint shape and extension under various working conditions, obtained by means of proper test campaigns carried out at our laboratories.

threedeeRIDE model can be coupled with adheRIDE or with any other third-parties tire interaction model to extend the range of validity of the contact patch formulation to a higher frequency domain. A specific multi-contact module is designed to interface with any road engine determining a correct normal direction and equivalent plane for the forces’ propagation from the contact patch to the wheel hub and to properly model tire/road interaction encountering micro- and macro-asperities, evaluating the dynamic information regarding the generalized load and torque vectors transmitted to the suspension. The road can be queried with two different purposes:

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