RIDEtool platform allows to manage all the information relating to tyre geometric, inertial and structural characteristics. The tool, specifically designed to enable user’s autonomy within the thermal and structural parameterization process, is necessary to handle the RIDE family products.


The main RIDEtool’s targets are:

  • accompany the user with the tyre parameterization process in the simplest and most user-friendly way;
  • create the necessary parametrization files for the RIDEsuite’s models.

The creation of the tyre’s digital twin is divided into two phases: the first addresses the tyre geometry, comprehending layers’ thicknesses, meridian profile and user-defined discretization level; the second regards the structural behaviour of the tyre, parametrizing the contact patch variations with varying boundary conditions, starting from images acquired through static or dynamic tests (usually Tekscan or pressure-sensitive paper sheets are adopted).

The output of the tool consists in the parameterization files used within the thermoRIDE model, weaRIDE model and adheRIDE model.

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