Welcome RIDEsuite v24

MegaRide launches RIDEsuite v24 for the automotive market: the complete simulation platform that cuts time and costs in the development and testing phases of both tires and vehicles – for applications on the road and in motorsport. RIDEsuite is a modular and multiphysical platform consisting of four applications, which are able to simulate in detail and with high reliability the physical phenomena that affect a vehicle when interacting with the external environment. This is done by constantly monitoring tire temperature, wear, footprint, grip and road surface conditions, considering these factors both in isolation and all together.

Major improvements

The thermal model updates now include the possibility of a full wheel modeling, accounting for the complex interaction between the tire and the rim, strongly affected, from a thermodynamic point of view, by possible heat flows coming from brakes and additional heating/cooling sources.

The multi-contact module can be coupled with adheRIDE or with any other third-parties tire interaction model to extend the range of operability to a higher frequency domain (up to 100Hz). A specific SWIFT-evo module, sensitive to the tire thermal and wear state, foresees the possibility of interfacing with any road engine technology to determine a correct normal unit vector and forces’ propagation direction from the contact patch to the wheel hub in both handling and ride & comfort scenarios.

Full updates:

adheRIDE v5.0 -> 6.0

thermoRIDE v6.0 -> v7.0

threedeeRIDE v5.0 -> v6.0

weaRIDE v4.0 -> 5.0