Welcome RIDEsuite v22!

Tire Physical Models developed by MegaRide make up the RIDEsuite. It comprises four modular packages, able to simulate in detail the thermodynamic, dynamic, multicontact and tribological phenomena concerning tire interaction with the road and the track

Naples, 3 October 2022. MegaRide launches RIDEsuite v22 for the automotive market: the complete simulation platform that cuts time and costs in the development and testing phases of both tires and vehicles – for applications on the road and in motorsport. RIDEsuite is a modular and multiphysical platform consisting of four applications, which are able to simulate in detail and with high reliability the physical phenomena that affect a vehicle when interacting with the external environment. This is done by constantly monitoring tire temperature, wear, footprint, grip and road surface conditions, considering these factors both in isolation and all together.

Major improvements:


the tire wear model, with a redesigned contact model to more efficiently model the interaction between the road roughness and the viscoelastic properties of the compound


the thermal model, enriched with improved formulations concerning strain energy loss and convection heat exchanges

Novel parametrization modes

now present within the the tools to improve the overall user experience and to enable an easier management of new data formats

Improved numerical precision and stability

RIDEsuite v22 full updates

adheRIDE v4.0

Differences in tire lateral forces due to tarmac (and consequently thermal and wear) effects, from adheRIDE

thermoRIDE v5.0 

Improvements in temperature and pressure evaluation in warmup phases due to thermoRIDE v5.0 physical updates

weaRIDE v3.0

threedeeRIDE v4.0

Reproducing the multiphysics of the actual footprint envelope leads to a reliablesuspension design and ride response 

RIDEtool v2.0

  • Added new parameterization mode, allowing to interact directly with the image data 
  • Updated to the Matlab runtime 2021b from 2018b libraries (faster UI loading, better responsiveness and more “stable” experience)

RIDElab v2.0

  • Improved SaveRestore process, extended for Tangential dynamics section
  • Optimized overall performance and extended reliability within the user experience

RIDEtire v1.0