VESevo and Full Time Sports: Evolving Stock Car race tactics through advanced tire analysis

VESevo Smart Technologies, an innovative start-up company from the MegaRide group, and Full Time Sports, an esteemed Brazilian racing team, announce a strategic collaboration aimed at improving race strategies through tire analysis.

Full Time Sports, founded in 2004, has garnered 15 titles across 7 different series and currently competes in Stock Car Brazil, with champions like Rubens Barrichello leading their roster.
Patented internationally, VESevo has reached 5 Formula 1 teams and over 30 customers across 4 continents in just 2 years. The rapid success of VESevo is powered by its strong ties to scientific research, particularly with the Vehicle Dynamics group at the University of Naples and MegaRide.

VESevo’s technology allows to delve deeper into the complexities of tire compounds through non-invasive viscoelastic analysis, from providing indications that contribute to improve prototyping and design phases, to a more accurate choice of tires to use during the race. This process enables the possibility of optimal track strategy creation based on the type of circuit, vehicle configuration and environmental condition.

As part of the technical partnership with Full Time Sports, VESevo has conducted in-depth analyses to correlate telemetry data with the evolution of tire properties. By understanding how tire characteristics change under different conditions and throughout the race, VESevo provides valuable insights that help the team make informed decisions to build the perfect race strategy.

Following the initial phases of the collaboration, Full Time Sports secured a remarkable victory at the Cascavel race, showcasing the immediate impact and effectiveness of VESevo’s advanced tire analysis.

Andrea Genovese, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VESevo:

“We are proud of the journey so far with Full Time Sport, which has been successful from the very beginning, and we are confident in helping the team to achieve more competitive technical advantages. The collaboration marks a significant step for us in applying our tire analysis technology to new racing challenges and categories all around the world”.

Maurício Ferreira, Team Manager Full Time Sports:

“We are always seeking further improvements in our processes, so we are glad to work with Vesevo. Through this partnership we expect to develop a deeper understanding of technical details that will lead us to a growth in performance.”