VESevo Generation 2 is here!

Cologne, November 9, 2022. VESevo company launches Generation 2 of its flagship product, VESevo device, during the Professional MotorSport World Expo, the event dedicated to the best technologies for motorsport. VESevo is the first innovative device conceived with the aim to analyse, fast and completely nondestructively, the tires tread viscoelasticity, overcoming the usual issues related to the necessity to remove tread samples, making the tires unusable.

VESevo Generation 2 is characterized by a new ergonomic and attractive design, increased portability, embedded hardware and firmware and the possibility to choose between two different software to conduct multiple tests: a full tire tread viscoelastic characterization or fast checks on track, in road tests or on the production line for quality assessment.

The VESevo device, protected by international patents and developed by a research group from University of Naples, reached in less than 1 year 5 teams from Formula 1, 4 from Formula E, 2 from the World Rally Championship, 2 from MotoGP, 1 from Nascar and about 30 more customers from 4 continents racing series.

Among the interactions with the academic context, highly valuable is the relationship with MegaRide, an international holding company, which oversaw parts of the development of VESevo and that in its 6 years of life has become a protagonist in the automotive and motorsport panorama, which led it in 2020 to be the first startup in Italy born from tech-transfer projects.