Tire Technology Expo 2020

From February 25th to February 27th, members of the UniNa Vehicle Dynamics research group and of MegaRide will take part to the Tire Technology Expo 2020 in Hannover, Germany.

On the second day our CEO Flavio Farroni will give a speech about the activities developed in cooperation in the last years with Ducati Corse on real-time motorcycle tire thermal modelling for motorsport applications, and will hold a course on Physical Tire Modeling for Real-Time Simulations together with other experts of such topic.

During the third day Prof. Aleksandr Sakhnevych will unveil the new RIDEsuite software package: a real-time multi-physical modular tire model.
Eng. Andrea Sammartino will speak about the projects developed with Prometeon, with the presentation titled “Physical models for truck tire/road characterization and thermal analysis”. And Eng. Antonio Maiorano, PhD candidate from the research group will focus on “Non-destructive innovative methodologies for tire characterization, developed at UniNa Tyre Lab”.