The VESevo system for tire analysis wins the prestigious Automotive Testing Technology International Award

The company was awarded with one of the most coveted prizes in the automotive sector thanks to its hardware that allows you to analyze in detail the quality of the tires and predict their interaction with the vehicle, with advantages above all in terms of safety, performance, and quality control.

After conquering the top of international competitions, the device, result of research by the Vehicle Dynamics group of the Federico II Department of Industrial Engineering and the partner company MegaRide, aims at applications in the automotive industry and in all rubber productions, including consumer goods.

Naples, 29 November 2021 -. In February the first tests in Formula 1, in June already partner of half of the teams in the highest car category and those of the World Rally, Formula E and Moto GP, in November awarded with one of the highest international awards in the automotive sector: Automotive Testing Technology International Award in the Hardware Innovation of Year section. In summary, these are the stages of VESevo, the start-up that in less than a year has conquered the top of Motorsport and the international auto sector thanks to its non-invasive system of characterization and quality control of tires, capable of maximizing performance and safety characteristics of the entire vehicle.

VESevo was awarded with the coveted recognition in a fierce competition with some giants of automotive research such as Volvo, CSM, Messring and AB Dynamics “for its innovativeness – underlined the jurors – in a sector such as that of tires which represents a frontier for simulations and for sustainable development “of the entire automotive sector. “This remarkable new device takes an unprecedented approach to non-destructive tire testing and characterization” judges stated, underlining the innovativeness of VESevo that “was conceived with the aim of analyzing the tire’s tread viscoelasticity, overcoming the usual issues related to the removal of samples, which make them unusable. This type of information makes it possible to predict the behavior of the tire and the whole vehicle in variable operating conditions and progressive wear conditions. As the viscoelastic properties of tires are still not well understood, the hardware has been welcomed by the automotive, tire and motorsports industries.”

 “VESevo’s device – the awards judge Marc Noordeloos affirmed-, is yet another reminder of the development advantages of motorsport in the tire world. The ability to analyze viscoelasticity and predict tire behavior is key in the world of racing and will surely be a huge advantage to future tire development for road cars.”

“Innovation in the automotive sector – underlined Francesco Carputo, VESevo Chief Technical Officer – increasingly passes through tires, which are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road surface: in a space of a few square centimeters, numerous physical and chemical phenomena take place which deeply affect the behavior of the entire vehicle, with important implications in terms of safety. VESevo is the only system that allows you to analyze the quality of the tires and predict the behavior of the tires themselves and the car in advance, not in the laboratory and in an abstract way, but just before their use, without damaging them “.