March 19, 2024. VESevo Smart Technologies at the awards ceremony in the iconic location of Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, has reached another prestigious achievement by winning the IoMOBILITY award in the Smart Roads category.

In February 2021 the first tests in Formula 1, in June already partnered with half of the teams in the top motorsport categories from World Rally, Formula E and MotoGP, in November of the same year awarded with one of the most important international awards in the automotive industry: Automotive Testing Technology International Award in the Hardware Innovation of the year.   

The success at the IoMobility adds to a series of awards obtained by the company over the past three years, confirming not only the commitment and excellence in innovation but also the perfect adaptability of their technologies both in Motorsport and Automotive sector.

VESevo’s technology offers significant value in the context of Smart Roads through its non-invasive viscoelastic analysis of tire compounds. This capability enables a deeper understanding of tire behavior and performance on various road surfaces, contributing to enhanced road safety and efficiency, facilitating the development of smarter road management systems. 

The IoMOBILITY Awards, created to identify and reward the best innovative services and projects in the mobility sector, were attended by more than 100 submissions, ultimately selecting 56 finalists divided into 17 categories. The final win represents recognition of the company’s outstanding commitment and leadership in the industry to shape the future of smart and sustainable mobility.

Andrea Genovese, CEO of VESevo Smart Technologies:

We are grateful to receive the IoMOBILITY award and glad to be recognized for the innovativeness of the approach and technologies that originate in Motorsport and can apply to the industries more widely. We will never cut our roots from the world of racing, from which we were born but, if a solution offers tangible benefits in multiple areas, especially in terms of Smart Roads and safety, we cannot limit ourselves. Breakthrough innovations inevitably end up by adapting and changing the industries and it’s our duty to manage them as best we can. At VESevo, we believe in the transformative power of our technology. We are truly honored to receive this award and I extend my heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the IoMOBILITY Awards and to our valued partners for their support. Together, we will continue to lead the way towards a brighter and more efficient future of mobility.”