The track at the service of smart mobility. Here is MegaRideas

MegaRideas, the project supported by the Regione Campania with which MegaRide, in line with its history and mission, takes a further step forward in the transfer of technologies and skills from university laboratories to the slopes and the road. If the first step was from academic research to motorsport with innovative solutions for the optimization of vehicle performance, now it is the turn of the transfer of experiences made on the major racing fields in the world and in top competitions such as F1 and MotoGP to smart mobility. The heart of MegaRideas is the development of a friction tester for evaluating tire grip and validating the algorithms developed with the simulation tools. 

The goal is to obtain reliable models that allow the braking, the lateral grip of vehicles and tire wear to be optimized with extreme precision and realism, with obvious advantages in terms of safety and driving reliability, both traditional and autonomous. Autonomous driving is the new frontier of development and research on which MegaRide is focusing its efforts to respond adequately to the growing needs of the automotive industry in this sector.

The tire – explains Flavio Farroni, CEO of MegaRide – is the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road surface. Often in an area as large as a credit card, forces are concentrated and decisive not only for the purpose of performance, but also for security. Knowing adherence and its changes due to the many variables is becoming increasingly essential for the entire industry. And physically predict the grip of the car can make the difference in the development of control logics for future safety systems and autonomous vehicles”.

From race to smart mobility, in fact, passing through scientific research.