Seaside Racing returns from May 26th to May 31th at Circuito del Sele, bigger and bolder than ever before!  

In this year’s edition, over 20 partners have collaborated to offer a wide range of different vehicles, along with new tools and technology for comprehensive performance and safety testing. This collective effort fuels the open and self-funded R&D project, conceived as a central hub for sharing ideas and innovation, located just a few kilometers away from one of the most enchanting coastlines in the world. 

Alongside the Fiat 124 and Alfa Giulia, which led the previous editions, more vehicles will be available to take on the challenge at Circuito del Sele.

The complete list of vehicles:

The experimental campaign spearheaded by various research groups is set to explore several groundbreaking objectives, favoring a mutual interaction between players from both academia and automotive industry. 

Among the intriguing aspects of research aiming at the streamline of development and prototyping phases for tires and vehicle sub-components directly from the outdoor experimental campaigns, it is worth mentioning:

The advances on such complex research topics will allow to reduce times and costs of both tires and vehicle sub-components development and prototyping stages, also shading a light on the developments of on-board state observers and virtual sensors.

The driving force behind this initiative, promoted by the MegaRide group, lies in the pursuit of open knowledge, where all the data collected during these days are openly shared with the event partners. It’s about fostering collaboration and ensuring that everyone involved has access to valuable insights, which enable the exploration of new modeling challenges and features to enhance the virtual simulation environment.

A spontaneous initiative, grown year by year, born as a way to connect people from vehicle dynamics.

The only rule: live it with the desire to share knowledge, time and experience.