New partnership unveiling: MegaRide and MOVEdot


MOVEdot aim is to 10x vehicle development efficiency, and this collaboration with MegaRide is a significant leap forward to achieving that mission. MegaRide, a powerhouse in vehicle dynamics & tire dynamics R&D, brings unparalleled technology to the table. Their mission of creating innovative software and methodologies for safety performance optimization compliments ours.

MegaRide stands out with its advanced tire dynamics models and cutting-edge technology for studying tire behavior. A deep association with the University of Napoli is the foundation of their strong research capabilities. MOVEdot, as an engineering services provider, sees immense potential in leveraging MegaRide’s research and technology to advance our own vehicle and tire development services.


This partnership is a game-changer for our customers. OEMs can now access a comprehensive vehicle and tire development solution, integrating MegaRide’s cutting-edge R&D seamlessly into MOVEdot’s advanced development methodologies. The Motorsports industry will benefit from a complete performance engineering package, where MegaRide’s technology meets MOVEdot’s track-side engineering expertise. The result? A complete and holistic solution.

We’re excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings and look forward to delivering unparalleled value to our customers.