MegaRide supports ABT Cupra with simulator work

Simulator work is one of the most important parts in preparing for a Formula E race. ABT has relied on the expertise and support of MegaRide for this since the beginning of the season. The company, which was born as a spin-off of the Vehicle Dynamics research group of the University of Naples, is today a consolidated international player in tyres and vehicle dynamics simulations. Its main target is the development and the commercialization of software for tyre testing, analysis and simulations, both for motorsport and automotive applications. MegaRide provides physical-based tyre models enhancing the reliability of vehicle simulations, being able to account for multiple physical factors (thermal/wear/friction/road roughness/viscoelastic) regarding the tyre and road interaction.

Such models allow to improve the modelled vehicle in the digital space and thus result in an even more realistic representation of the racetrack in order to provide the perfect preparation for Nico Müller and Kelvin van der Linde.

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