MegaRide gets on board the Birò with the aim of optimizing performance

MegaRide increasingly protagonist of electric micro-mobility. The latest project involving the supplier of technological solutions for motorsport and smart mobility concerns the electric 4 wheels vehicles Birò Small and Birò Big developed by the Estrima company.

Born in 2008, Birò was one of the first electric quadricycles launched on the market, which over the years has been able to establish itself more and more as a reference point in the market. For example, in Italy,  Ancma declares that in 2022 an increase of 74.1% was recorded compared to the previous year for electric quadricycles, which are protagonists of a real exploit and confirming themselves as one of the newest and most interesting trends of the year.

The partnership between the two companies, which are among the leaders in Italy in smart mobility, envisages the involvement of MegaRide for the development of tailor-made solutions which, leveraging the experience gained in the motorsport field, maximize the dynamics and stability of Birò vehicles. In particular, the goal is to strengthen the active and passive safety systems of Birò, the smallest four-wheel electric vehicle on the market. The first results of the collaboration are already expected in the first half of 2023.

Flavio Farroni, CEO di MegaRide 

“The collaboration with Estrima has great significance for us both for the quality of the team with whom we are going to interact, and for the intrinsic nature of the project which gives us the opportunity to bring the solutions that we experiment every weekend on the fields motosport races all over the world. Electric micro-mobility and sustainable mobility in general are some of the preferred fields of application of our technologies which aim at optimizing vehicle dynamics and making gear and safety systems more efficient” .

Matteo Maestri, Chairman and Founder of Estrima

“Thanks to our collaboration with MegaRide and their expertise in motorsports and high-performance vehicles, Birò will benefit of significant improvements on stability and comfort. We continue our journey towards growth and innovation.”