MegaRide for RaceOn: empowering peak performance through advanced tire modelling

In the motorsport world, achieving peak performance on race day requires a meticulous blend of expertise, technology, and innovation RaceOn, with its team of trackside specialists, has established itself as a trusted name in delivering exceptional results where it truly matters – on the race track. Now, in an exciting collaboration with tire modelling specialists MegaRide, companies are ready to take performance to the next level.

This collaboration opens up new avenues to offer customers unmatched value by combining the RaceOn practical trackside experience with MegaRide’s cutting-edge physical-based tire models, enhancing the reliability of vehicle simulations, being able to account for multiphysical phenomena (thermal/wear/friction/road-roughness/viscoelastic) at tire/road interaction.

One of the key benefits of this partnership is the ability to build and correlate highly accurate tyre models based on real car data. By leveraging specialized rig facilities and MegaRide’s expertise, RaceOn can precisely simulate and predict tyre behavior under various racing conditions. This empowers teams with invaluable insights into tyre performance, allowing for optimized strategies and enhanced decision-making.

Bringing together trackside experience and theoretical specialists, RaceOn and MegaRide create a seamless synergy that ensures data-driven decisions. By integrating practical insights from the race track with MegaRide’s pursuit of theoretical excellence. This collaboration also grants RaceOn and its customers access to sophisticated testing facilities, fortified by bespoke trackside measurement tools. These state-of-the-art resources enable comprehensive testing and evaluation of tyre performance, ensuring that every aspect of the racing experience is meticulously optimized.

The partnership between RaceOn and MegaRide marks a new era in the pursuit of motorsport excellence. By combining practical trackside expertise, advanced tyre modelling software, and cutting-edge testing facilities, they offer teams an advantage in achieving peak performance. As the racing world continues to evolve, RaceOn and MegaRide stand ready to push boundaries, redefine limits, and deliver victories.