Formula 3 Champions with Trident!

In a thrilling conclusion to the fifth season of MegaRide in F3, Gabriel Bortoleto emerged as the World Champion with TRIDENT MOTORSPORT. This victory marked the culmination of an incredible journey and a testament to the dedication and collaboration of the entire team.

The path to victory was the result of a great joint effort. One of the standout factors behind this triumph was the innovative simulative infrastructure developed in partnership with the team. This infrastructure played a crucial role in vehicle dynamics analysis and predictions, providing a competitive edge throughout the Championship.

What’s particularly remarkable about this achievement is the strategic adoption of cutting-edge technologies. The TRIDENT team made a pivotal decision in mid-2019 to integrate MegaRide’s RIDEsuite tire modules into their operations. This choice had far-reaching effects, as these modules became integral in a wide range of track activities.

The success story of Gabriel Bortoleto and TRIDENT MOTORSPORT serves as an inspiring example of how the marriage of technology and skill can lead to the pinnacle of motorsport. It’s not just about the race itself; it’s about the meticulous preparation, data-driven insights, and constant innovation that pave the way to victory.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, it’s clear that the world of motorsport is evolving, embracing advanced technologies to push the boundaries of performance. Gabriel Bortoleto’s championship win, backed by MegaRide’s cutting-edge solutions, showcases the power of collaboration, innovation, and data-driven decision-making in the high-speed world of Formula 3 racing.