Race Notes 🏁🎸

Art and technology, music and engines, staves and telemetry. Who says they can’t be together? In the Motorsport 2022 season, MegaRide inaugurates Race Notes, combining the improvisation of guitar riffs with the meticulous programming that a race requires.

Why? To tell in a different way, beyond the graphics and data collection, the competitions of the championships we provide our solutions to. And because, to drive the technological evolution, is always the passion living in us, the suggestions we carry within, the hopes that support thoughts and strengthen motivation. Innovation has a rhythm and music expresses it perfectly.

Race after race, a compilation of the 2022 season will come out on our Spotify channel.

Chapter 10 – Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Three music tracks, three suggestions from Silverstone GP, UK, the track contending to Monza the “Temple of Speed” definition

Come with me now” (by KONGOS), as Nigel Mansell said to Ayton Senna in 1991, carrying him, out of fuel, with his blue and yellow fast taxi to the finish line.

Nice and slow” (by Max Frost), as Michael Schumacher, winning the 1998 GP crossing the finish line from the pit lane, in one of the most debated victories of F1 history

Long black road” (by Electric Light Orchestra), as the first Silverstone track, born connecting with haystacks three old airport landing strips.

Chapter 9 – MotoGP Grand Prix de France

One month before the 24 hours, Le Mans gates open for MotoGP. A legendary track, with some of the highest speeds reached by vehicles, in particular before the 1990 reconfiguration of the Hunaudières straight with two chicanes. Great rhythm, introduced by Russ Chimes and his “Tertre Rouge”, dedicated to the iconic curve anticipating the full throttle side of the track.

The first time of Le Mans circuit in motorcycle top category was 1969, when Giacomo Agostini, in the 500 class, won “doubling down” all the competitors. Our second track “double down”, from the American rockband Slothrust, titles recalling the sport challenge of one of the best riders of the story.

A tribute to France, Le Mans and French music, the song by Franck Monnet, “Le distinguo“, as referred to the differences among the bikes and the four riders at the top of the current standings. Yamaha, Aprilia, Ducati and Suzuki, in 20 points… 

Chapter 8 – Formula 1 Gran Premio del Made in Italy e dell’Emilia-Romagna

F1 finally reaches for its 4th race of the season, the land of iconic tracks, Europe. And, in particular, the country of fascinating racing cars and traditions, Italy. And, even more in particular, the area with the highest density, in few kilometers, of motorsport legends, the Emilia Romagna Motor Valley.

Imola circuit, whose name is dedicated to “the Drake” Enzo and to his son Dino Ferrari, is quite close to Maranello, a place that Eric Clapton feels as home, having a special Ferrari model developed right for him, the SP12 EC. To the relationship between the Enzo and Dino, and to Eric Clapton, “My father’s eyes”, a song from 1998, when in Imola David Coulthard won ahead of Michael Schumacher.

Talking about Imola, Ayrton Senna cannot be unmentioned. But not in the usual melancholic way, just thinking about him travelling in a time machine, to come back to us, racing on a contemporary racing car. And which car could he use to travel to us? A Delorean, of course. Their song, “Deli”, opening track from their album called… Ayrton Senna!

Imola circuit is not only cars and races, and not only food deli… but music! In 2017 the track hosted the Guns N’ Roses concert, and the event closed with “Paradise City”. Let’s take it also to close this episode of Race Notes…

Chapter 7 – Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

7th episode of RaceNotes, 3rd race of F1 season, destination… Melbourne, Australia

The first music track is not related to Albert Park circuit, where the battle among Ferrari, RedBull and Mercedes will take place, but to Longford circuit, in front of Melbourne, in Tasmania. A legendary place in the 60s, when Bruce McLaren, Jack Brabham, Jim Clark and Graham Hill used to race side by side, a few steps from the Tarkine rainforest. “Jungle”, a wonderful piece by the Australian songwriter Tash Sultana, from Melbourne (even greater her home-recorded video version available on YouTube).

Australian races have always been rich of epic moments. Probably one of the most, the 1986 Adelaide GP, final race of the season. Lap 64, a tire of Nigel Mansell’s car exploded at 290km/h, sending a shower of sparks flying behind him and severely damaging his left rear suspension. Alain Prost, second in the global standings, won the race and, against all odds, the championship. “Spark”, by Niklas Paschburg and his piano is our second track.

And to close, a tribute to Lex Davison, the most winning driver of Australian GPs, together with Michael Schumacher (4 victories each). Why Lex and not Michael? Because Lex is Australian! “Lex” by Ratatat and their sound bridging between rock and electro, between reality and simulations, between physical and digital… wait, where did I already heard about this?

Chapter 6 – MotoGP Gran Premio Michelin de la República Argentina

3rd of April 2022, 3rd event of the 2022 motoGP season, the circus lands in South America, Circuit Termas de Rio Hondo.

And talking about motorsport and music, Argentina, the land of Fangio and of tango, definitely deserves an episode of our series.

The violin of Néstor Garnica, “embajador cultural de Santiago del Estero”, the closest city to the circuit, sounds as the perfect soundtrack for the weekend. “El olvidao” one of his famous pieces, opens the selection.

Jorge Kissling has been the first South American to win the Argentine Republic motorcycle Grand Prix, in 1961. It was a unique race, 7 years before he died, 28 years old, in a touring car race. “El mago Georges“, the wizard Georges, by Chancha Via Circuito, an emerging artist from Buenos Aires is a tribute to his story.

Closing our tracks trio, a song from a famous band with Argentinian origin, Gotan Project. A tanguero sound, with tech influences, a bit recalling modern races, charming for the passion they transmit, and increasingly influenced by technological improvements. We feel this track has the perfect title for these days: “Queremos paz“, we want peace. That’s all.

Chapter 5 – Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

20th of March 2022, a new F1 season is ready to start
New rules, new cars, new tires… or better, a real #TIREVOLUTION!

we’re finally ready to acquire data from the race track, to validate the preseason predictions
from RIDEsuite models, and as last year they will come from Sakhir, in Bahrein

among the 17 editions, probably one of the most memorable is the 2020 one, when Grosjean came out unharmed from his “Burning” Haas. The Whitest Boy Alive and their song, for the first track of our weekly playlist.

Fun facts… to minimize the amount of sand blowing on to the circuit, the organizers spray a sticky adhesive substance onto the surrounding desert before the race weekend… shall we put also such effect in our contact tire models? “Sand and glue“, by I am Kloot, is probably the right rockin’ soundtrack for a Bahrain driving simulation session.

A Bahraini singer, Ala Ghawas, and his “Red” for the third track of the playlist, and for a red motorsport icon, Michael Schumacher, winner of the first edition of the race, in 2004, to whom curve 1 of bahrain circuit is dedicated.

Chapter 4 – MotoGP Grand Prix of Qatar

10 March 2007. A young Casey Stoner, in his second season in MotoGP, triumphs in Losail, Qatar. And it is still in Qatar that Sunday, March 6, 2022, restarts the main category of motorcycling world.

At the duel between the talented jester Rossi and the newcomer Stoner, modern “Joker and the thief” of the Dylanian (and then Hendrixian) text of “All along the watchtower”, the beginning of the weekend, which sees the green light with the ride rock by Australians Wolfmother, single from the 2007 album of the same name. 

And at the legendary race at the Assen University of Motorcycling, where Valentino, who started eleventh, conquered the first place overtaking Stoner with four laps to go, close to the starting straight, the “Straight lines” of the Silverchair, still Australian, again in 2007, ARIA piece of the year and double platinum record.

Softer sounds for a final dedication to the 2007 Ducati Desmosedici, difficult to tame for Stoner’s teammates due to its nervous chassis, at the mercy of the wind, but which in Casey’s hands became an airplane at take off. “Paper aeroplane”, by Angus and Julia Stone, hailing from the east coast as the winner of the season.

Chapter 3 – Daytona 500

It makes hard to find out 3 tracks drawing a so unique experience… “Five hundred miles” run on a ring track in Florida, close to the beach, and the American band The Hooters seem to perfectly fit this atmosphere, with their rockin’ reggae song.

But talking about Daytona means talking about Richard Petty, “the king”, the record winner of this race, and Dale Earnhardt, “the intimidator”, probably the greatest NASCAR driver of all times, losing in Florida his life in a tragic accident in the 2001 edition. “Talladega”, inspired to the circuit where Dale won his last race and where Richard drives in a vintage Atari 8-bit 1984 arcade game, is a song by Eric Church, telling about a trip to the Alabama Superspeedway.

3Did you know that left and right side NASCAR car tires are different? It is due to the typical circular shape of the tracks, to their huge banking, and it’s one most tricky and interesting aspect to be taken into account in our simulations for performance optimization in this category. Setting uneven scaling factors in the grip models, the bonus track is “Unsymmetrical”, by the “music rookie” Eli Raybon.

Chapter 2 – Mexico E-Prix

Mexico City and its over 21 million people host the event, hot temperatures are expected and the solutions to prevent Michelin tires and the audience from melting are, respectively, optimal thermal management on the track and a cold tequila drink in the stands. “Mexican Margarita” by Jacob Gurevitsch and his guitar take us to the Latin American atmospheres, and to the first track of our playlist.

A musical tribute to the most winning driver in Mexico, Lucas Di Grassi, triumphant in 2017 and 2019. His Southern Italian roots, from Polignano a Mare, a charming village overlooking the sea, are shared with a star of the 60’s, Domenico Modugno. A pretty unknown English version of “Meraviglioso”, recorded in 1968, recalling the “Marvelous” strategy allowing Lucas to overtake Wehrlein in the last lap of the 2019 race, getting the first place and the second victory in his career at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

Bonus track, from the probably most iconic Mexican artist of the last 50 years. Carlos Santana, and his instrumental “Curacion”, who knows if referred to curing the soul or maybe to curing the tires with thermal cycles to get the best grip. Recorded in 2007 as a “b-side” of the single “Into the night”, lead us to rest for 4.47 minutes after the frenzy of the race, enjoying a sunset from Playa del Carmen, on the notes of his Paul Red Smith electric (but without fan boost) guitar.

Chapter 1 – Diriyah E-Prix

It’s a race it the desert, and it comes after weeks spent running simulations aimed to predict the optimal grip of the dark arabian night. Dark Rider, by Ralfs Way, is the perfect start, with its guitar smoothly moving into a trance track.

A song for the only driver winning twice in Riyadh, two seasons in a row, and with two different cars, is a must. Bird Song, by Florence + the Machine, is for Sam Bird. An English band, for an English driver, and who knows if Sam will became the king of Arabia for the third consecutive time, on his Jaguar I-Type 5.

As a sort of “bonus track”, to listen during the event, instead of the TV volume: Arabian Race, by Tom Bruessel, to feel a bit more in Ad Diriyah and to live the electric vehicles overtakes as in a classic Arabian horse race. Combustion or electric engines, it’s always about horsepower, after all…