real-time BETA predictor:

One of the most recent research activities deals with the development of a procedure, based on correlation algorithms, kalman filters and neural networks able to estimate in real-time vehicle sideslip angle (β) processing data from CAN bus. The potential applications of such instrument could involve the development of vehicle control logics based on the estimation of a fundamental variable commonly hard to be measured.

Multi-Point Contact model:

Three-dimensional real-time tire contact model aimed to provide the trajectory of the wheel hub when the tire overcomes an obstacle on its path. It removes the major limit of the classical MFbased contact models, dealing with arbitrary road unevenness (as track kerbs or road bumps), consisting in a single-point contact between tire contact patch and soil. The model moreover is able to provide the normal vector to the virtual plane representing the contact patch, along which the interaction loads are transferred to the vehicle suspension system.