MegaRide project is tightly linked to the activities carried out by the Vehicle Dynamics research group of the Department of Industrial Engineering (DII) of University of Naples Federico II, whose expertise is oriented to the development of models and procedures to be employed by vehicle manufacturers, tire developers, dynamicists and race engineers.

MegaRide’s core is made of people working in a synergic environment involving both academic and industrial realities. The team diverse experiences and careers have been characterized by deep cooperation with high-profile companies and research centres. Services and products provided by MegaRide are based on an already thriving trade, structured thanks to many years of research partnerships between the research group and relevant automotive realities.

MegaRide was born as a natural outcome project, thought to confer the proper value to the products of the Italian scientific research and to reinforce the still unexpressed potential of valuable academic realities.

Flavio FarroniCEO

Aleksandr SakhnevychCTO

Francesco TimponeChairman