Thanks to TRICK output or to tire bench data, TRIP-ID identifies the Pacejka MF coefficients taking into account the effects induced by temperature and grip variations on tyre behaviour by means of physical models. Specifically developed procedures allow the discrimination between thermal and wear effects, the elimination of the outliers and a reliable reproduction of camber and load effects.

TRIP-ID, born as a tool for the smart management of the Pacejka’s Magic Formula tire interaction model, enables today the user to:

  • Plot a complex and multi-dimensional function as Pacejka’s one in a wide range of multi-graphs, able to highlight the interactions among tire working variables, often hard to be determined at a glance, comparing curves with track and bench tire data
  • Identify MF micro-, macro- coefficients and scaling factors defining their range of research, convergence criteria, error minimization algorithms and eliminating outliers and physical incongruences from track and bench tire data
  • Modify curves in interactive way by means of smart buttons and scrolls, analyzing the direct effect of micro- and macro- parameters variations, estimating their sensitivity and creating “prototypal” TIR files characterized by desired curve shapes
  • Create virtual tires obtained varying as desired the shape of the pure and combined interaction curves, useful to simulate the effect of tire compound and structural variations on vehicle behaviour, conferring to Pacejka’s modelling a physical value by means of the integration with the thermal model thermoRIDE (link) and the grip model adheRIDE (link).