TRICK tool (Tyre/Road Interaction Characterization & Knowledge), comprises of a vehicle model which processes experimental signals acquired from vehicle CAN bus and from sideslip angle measurement or estimation systems. The output of the tool is several extra "virtual telemetry" channels, based on the time history of the acquired signals and containing force and slip estimations, useful to provide tyre interaction characteristics. TRICK results can be integrated with the physical models developed by MegaRide, providing a multitude of working solutions and constituting an ideal instrument for the prediction and the simulation of the real tyre dynamics.

The definition of a procedure able to estimate tyre forces and slip indices during test sessions can represent a crucial task for many in automotive industry, such as vehicle manufacturers, vehicle dynamics engineers and tyre production companies. TRICK has been thought as a development tool to be employed in prototyping and optimization experimental activities with specific testing vehicles, increasing the amount of information that track sessions can provide and to collect data useful to identify the parameters of interaction models used in simulation.

The innovation represented by the TRICK as a novel approach in tyre characterization enables the reproduction of the dynamic response of the whole vehicle and of the tyre just by means of a specific track session, carried out with the aim to employ the vehicle as a moving lab, with no more need of bulky and expensive tyre test benches.