Megaride, the island from which the ancient city of NeaPolis arose, the starting point. MegaRide, a smart approach to vehicle and transportation development, a new starting point for our land’s growth.

Nowadays, people and companies playing a key role in automotive field are looking for the optimal solution that suits the best their request to model and understand vehicle and tire’s behaviour both in experimental and in simulation environments. In such context, the activities of the Vehicle Dynamics UniNa research group have led in the last years to the realization of software products, testing procedures and development tools able to satisfy the needs of research partners from this area of expertise. In 2015 the described activities received an important feedback from the scientific community and the automotive market. Pushed by such achievements, the foundation of MegaRide University spin-off project has been planned with the aim to provide a direct link with the users of the developed tools, by means of which operating with gaze focused on the future of research in mobility field. The company headquarter has been set in the Mechanics building of the Department of Industrial Engineering, where the UniNa Tyre Lab is located, in order optimize the information transfer and the logistics operations between the two institutions. On the 3rd of March 2016 MegaRide has received, after a demanding evaluation process, the approval of the University of Naples committee for the official Spin-Off recognition.

“We believe that a successful future is based on research. A pragmatic research, no more trapped in an ivory tower, but able to interact with a rapidly changing reality, accepting the challenges that the progress proposes. We work to build competence, excellence and reliability.”